Thursday, 15 August 2013

Rug Making with Bec Andersen

We set off from Murwillumbah in Jo's Craftmobile, our purpose was to get these four keen crafters to Mt Tambourine for Bec Andersen's Rug Making Workshop.

A full day ahead of learning how to upcycle discarded cotton sheets and clothing into useful, beautiful rugs. I was thrilled to share this fine day with three friends Jo, Julia and Christy for some quality time doing something we all enjoy and have now become quite addicted to.

We arrived at Bec's studio after the ever so steep incline of Tambourine Mountain, it was well worth the vertigo for the gob smacking panoramic views. Experiencing Bec's studio's sunlit creative space was thrilling. Naturally hand dyed skeins of wool hanging from the ceiling, dye vats on the deck and an eclectic mix of rug pile upholstered furniture scattered about the room. To one side a hand held rug making machine and frame that makes it possible for Bec to do bespoke rugs made to order. Simply stunning.

Bec's led the workshop with passion, enthusiasm and humour ..... she is quite a funny lady! The workshop started with intros around the room by a diverse mix of people. A group warm up session followed outside, it was a combination of brain gym, yoga, Tai chi, 80's rap dancing and laughter. Our fingers and arms were now nimble and ready to rug.

Bec showed us how to measure powder dye for the dye vat to get a intense yellow and then got the pot boiling to colour clothing we brought along. It was now time to make rugs. Cutting up material then punching, prodding or hooking colourful strips of fabric into a hessian backing. Oh so very satisfying.

And you know, in just over a week I have come close to completing a 50cm x 50cm cushion cover. If I keep this rate up I could very well have a 150cm x 200cm rug within 3 months, yes very optimistic with two small children to look after, but hey, it is possible.

Overall it was such a great way to spend the day with good friends and like minded people, a day of connection and creativity learning a new useful skill that gives me great pleasure that I will continue to use.

Would you like Bec to come to Murwillumbah and host a Craftschool rug making workshop?
If so, leave a comment on the Craftschool Facebook page or share this post and help spread the word. You could invite your friends and make a day of it like we did.