Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Welcome to Craftschool!

I'm pretty excited to be launching a new venture here in the Tweed Valley. Craftschool Workshops will bring people together to explore their creativity in a relaxed social setting while making an object of beauty with their hands. We have so many talented artists in our region who whould love to hold workshops. It's just a case of organising a venue and inviting you creative folk to come along.

We are about to start renovating at my place and I am thrilled the plans include a studio off the kitchen/main living area. I'll be able to watch the kids doing craft in a purpose built space while I'm cooking dinner, my idea of domestic bliss! This room will be dedicated to making all that we need to decorate this newly renovated family living space. Sure, it is a big call to say I'll make the lampshades, rugs, cushions wall hangings and do all my own upholstery. It will take some time but there is no rush. All I need is some instruction and this is how I came up with the idea of starting Craftschool.

Next Saturday I'm heading up to Tamborine Mountain to attend Bec Andersens Primitive Rug Hooking Workshop. This is where you cut up unwanted sheets and clothing into strips of yarn then, with a rug making tool punch holes into hessian and pull the yarn through to create loops that become the rug pile. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I picked up a book on rug making. So, if I can get enough of you interested Bec will come to Murwillumbah and do a workshop for us.

This year I have been holding regular Craftplay sessions at the Stokers Primary School Art Studio. Creatives have been invited to lead sessions in weaving, drawing, painting and sewing. Next week we are doing sculpture with the talented Jo Biles. I'll share more about Craftplay next time.

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